Sake:A beverage created by the four seasons.

Sake is made from rice and water.
The harmony of rice suitable for sake-making,water raised by nature and famous for its quality, and superior technical skill, leads to delicious sake.
The unique climate of japan, with its changes from winter to spring, and summer to fall, are also perfect for sake brewing.
Sake can truly be called a treasure filled with the blessings.

Our Yachiyogura Brewery is blessed with both an ideal natural environment and plentiful groundwater.

Our Yachiyogura brewery covers almost 40,000 square meters.
It is cool in the summer, and quite cold in the winter.
It is an ideal environment for brewing and then storing sake.
Also, another great asset of this brewery is the Mt.Adatara Spring Water.
The snow that falls on Mt.Adatara melts in time, sinking deep into the earth, and taking forty years to trickle down and become a pure, clear water source.
With its great mineral balance, it is truly ideal as water for sake brewing.
Name Yachiyogura
Since 1974
Business Sake Brewing
Adress 167 yasumiishi, Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima-pref, Japan
TEL +81-243-22-3117

Okunomatsu is grounded in the idea of combining traditional techniques with the latest technology.

Okunomatsu Shuzo was first established in the Michinoku region located in a rich landscape in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima with a view of both the Abukuma and Adatara mountain ranges.
This year we are celebrating the 300th anniversary of the brewery's founding in the first year of the Kyoho era (1716).
We are trying our best to brew high quality sake that satisfies as many customers as possible from both Japan and abroad using a combination both traditional techniques and the latest innovative technology.

Name Okunomatsu Sake Brewery
Since 1716
Business Producing an alcoholic beverage sales
Adress 69 Chomei, Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima-pref, Japan
TEL +81-243-22-2153