Junmai Daiginjo Shizukusake "Kin No Jo"

Superb sake that is allowed to drip naturally from cotton with no pressure applied. Delicate and mellow, for discerning sake fans.

Daiginjo Shizukusake "Juhachidai ihei"

Special sake that is allowed to drip naturally from cotton bags with no pressure applied. An exquisite finegrained daiginjo flavor with a mellow essence and aroma.

Junmai Daiginjo Premium Sparkling

The luxurious aroma and flavor of effervescent Junmai Daiginjo. this is a new sparkling Japanese Sake. best consumed chilled.

Junmai Daiginjo Sparkling
純米大吟醸スパークリング 290ml

Feel the invigorating sensation as the tiny bubbles fozz. smell the aroma of Ginjo polished rice combined with is slightly sweet flavor. and enjoy the full taste of rice and crisp quality that only Junmai daiginjo can bring.

Tokusen Junmai Daiginjo

A luster-laden aroma and a pleasantly dry flavor. Makes an excellent gift for those important people in our lives.


A light and clean finish,true to ginjo style. A full and mellow aroma and a high-quality flavor profile.

Junmai Ginjo

Junmai ginjo that is enjoyable slightly chilled, with a wonderful on-the-palate aroma and cleen finish. With a flavor profile as a mobing sea bream, fruly "the king of sake."

Ginjo / Adatara Ginjo
吟醸 / あだたら吟醸

A full and lively aroma with a smooth finish. A ginjo sake that is wonderful for evening sipping.

All Rice Ginjo

A new sake made using as the added "brewers alcohol" distilled Okunomatsu Junmai-shu, which is made with 100% rice.

Tokubetsu Junmai / Tokubetsu Junmai Namachozo shu
特別純米 / 特別純米生貯蔵酒

A mellow aroma with a deep richness typical of a junmai-shu. A flavor you'll never tire of, also suited to gentle warming.

Saku-saku karakuchi

A clean and dry flavor you will never get bored with. light and very drinkable. Slightly rich, and enjoyable even gently warmed throughout all four seasons.

Kinmon Honjozo Karakuchi

An outstanding honjozo sake that is perfect for home-cooked cuisine with even and soft flavor.

Josen Honjozo

Sake with a mild aroma and a clean, vibrant flavor For those that like a clean finish, try this sake gently warmed.


Fragrant and balanced, this sake has a warm flavor to it, and is highly recommended for simple evening drinking.


An exquisite blend of peaches from the Date region at their peak of ripeness and special-grade Junmai sake from the Okunomatsu region combine in this uniquely velvety liqueur. The first sip transports your taste buds to an orchard of scrumptious fresh peaches. Naturally Momotoro can be enjoyed straight, as well as on the rocks, in a cocktail blend with soda, orange juice or oolong tea, or any way you please.


Umetoro is a mellow blend of luxuriously sweet, fragrant matured umeshu and our own special-grade Junmai sake. Smooth and supremely elegant umeshu is reborn as soft, velvety Okunomatsu original plum liqueur. You'll relish the flavor of plums at their peak of ripeness mingled with the savor of sake.


Our own special-grade junmai sake and the juice of the distinctively flavorful and aromatic yuzu citrus fruit mingle to produce Yuzutoro liqueur. It's characterized by a refreshing scent, subtle sweetness and smooth drinkability. Drink Yuzutoro and experience a marvelous medley of fresh, full-bodied japanese citron and the delightful essence of rice.


We took fully ripe apples from Japan's leading apple producer Aomori prefecture, and squeezed them fresh to combine the juice with our special junmai sake. Please have a taste of this Okunomatsu original liquer. It is the perfect balance of sour and sweet.


"Natsuhaze", also known as "Japanese blueberry" can be found growing wild in the hills and mountains of Japan. They are similar to blueberries in appearance. They have a blackish brown color and are packed with nutrition. They contain about four times as much polyphenol as blueberries along with many organic acids like anthocyanin, chlorogenic acid, citric acid, and quinic acid. We take the highly nutritious natsuhaze juice and combine in the perfect ratio with Okunomatsu special junmai sake to create a deeply flavored, smooth liqueur that is refreshingly sweet with a hint of acidity that reminds one of the berries within.


Mead is made from honey, and it is said to be the world's oldest spirit. "Honeur" is a mead made from the honey of bees feeding on the flowers of Japanese horse chestnut trees that grow wild deep in the mountains. The water used to brew it comes from underneath Mt. Adatara. Mead has come to be loved around the world as mankinds oldest spirit, and it retains the bountiful vitamins and minerals from its main ingredient honey. It is said to be both healthy and to promote beauty. Mead brewed with natural ingredients has a sweet aroma and a smooth taste.
*Mead is brewed by diluting honey with water and fermenting the mixture.