Continuing to develop tradition ; constant innovation.

Our company was founded in 1716, the beginning of the Edo era.
Since then the spirit of our founder in his pursuit of high quality sake brewing has been passed on from generation, continuing until the present, our nineteenth generation of sake brewing. However, we have not come this for by only maintaining tradition alone.
We have always adopted a thinking process geared toward the tide of the future, and have always come up with ideas and plans on the cutting edge, worthy of Okunomatsu.
The result of this can be seen in the numerous awards we win each year, including gold medals in the National New Sake Tasting Competition. we received accolades amongst all brewries in the Tohoku region, and were recognized as the top brewery in Fukushima prefecture for premium sake.
Wentend to continue to pursue all the possibilities that sake holds.

The history of our ancestor, Kinnojo Yusa went from warrior to businessman,
eventually becoming a major brewer.

In 1346,during an era known as Nanbokucho,a relative of military leader Takauji Ashikaga named Koukoku Hatakeyama was given a post in the Okushu region, and build a castle in the city of Nihonmatsu.
Our ancestor and founder supported the Hatakeyama family as aretainer.
However, in 1585, the 11th generation Yoshitsugu Hatakeyama, in a battle with Terumune Date, was killed along with his opponent.
The next year, the Hatakeyama clan was wiped out by Masamune Date. Our ancestor, with the downfall of his master, became a "ronin," or masterless samurai.
After settling in Nihonmatsu, the family prospered as merchants.
Now a full 29 generations sat between them and their prominent ancestor of long ago, kamatari Fujiwara, and he changed his name to Kinnojo Yusa.
In the early Edo period, during the reign of the Tanu family, they prospered selling canola oil, and in 1716 began a sake brewing business on top of the existing oil business.
They also began to make miso paste and soy sauce, becoming a brewer of all three products.

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