The Many Faces of Okunomatsu Sake.

Sake that aims to be work of art.
Sake that fits in with daily life.
Both of these are considered very important aspects of Okunomatsu sake.
Over our 290 years history,we have always had a wide range of products
suited to that particular era.
We intend to continue to provide sake with unique qualities and flavors.

Okunomatsu Label

Our bottles and caps are designed to preserve quality. They are our pride and joy.

Okunomatsu was the first sake producer to use the Pasteurizer,
whichpasteurizes sake after bottling by showering the bottles is warm water,
locking in the flavors and aromas.
And we developed a cap that would withstand the internal pressure created
during this process.
We soight a bottle that would make wine makers jealous.
The concept behind the design was "on the table".

Okunomatsu Original Bottle Cap